2023 4th International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Application on Media (ISAIAM 2023)
Prof. Yang Cheng


Prof. Yang Cheng

North Carolina State University, USA

Brief Introduction

Tenured associate professor of North Carolina State University, visiting professor of the School of Management, director of overseas study and exchange programs, currently a member of the editorial board of the famous SSCI journals Journal of Public Relations Research and Public Relations Review; guest editor of special issues of Internet Research and Public Relations Review.
Research direction: Long-term commitment to the research of global public relations management, social media and artificial intelligence, and crisis communication. Has extensive marketing and social science research experience, in New Media & Society, American Behavioral Scientist, Mass Communication and Society, Social Science Computer Review, Telematics and Informatics, Journal of Public Relations Research, Journal of Product and Brand Management and Public Relations Review and other top journals have published more than 50 journal papers. She has also received numerous awards and honors from global institutions, including the Institute of Public Relations, and has received funding including the Arthur Page Johnson Legacy Scholar Grant and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

美国北卡州立大学终身副教授,管理学院客座教授,海外学习交流项目主任,现任著名SSCI期刊Journal of Public Relations Research和 Public Relations Review 编委会委员; Internet Research 和Public Relations Review的特刊客座主编。
研究方向:长期致力于全球公共关系管理、社交媒体和人工智能以及危机沟通的研究。拥有丰富的市场营销和社会科学研究经验,在New Media & Society、American Behavioral Scientist、Mass Communication and Society、Social Science Computer Review、 Telematics and Informatics、Journal of Public Relations Research、Journal of Product and Brand Management和Public Relations Review等顶级期刊发表50余篇期刊论文。她还获得了公共关系研究所等全球机构的许多奖项和荣誉,并获得了包括 Arthur Page Johnson Legacy Scholar Grant 和美国国家科学基金会 (NSF) 在内的资金资助。