2023 4th International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Application on Media (ISAIAM 2023)
Prof. Nicolas S. Holliman


Prof. Nick Holliman

King's College London,UK

Speech Title:Trustworthy Data Visualization


Without good data we are flying blind if you can’t see it you can’t solve it.” Kofi Anan, Nature, 2018.

"I thinkdata visualization tools were critical[in the pandemic]", Patrick Vallance, AI UK, April 2022.

One of the lessons of the COVID19 pandemic in the UK has been the demand from decision makers for the daily visualization of data about the state of the country. The decision makers included ministers, politicians and the public, each needing  to understand the current situation to make decisions for the country and in their everyday lives.

This demand has exposed some important questions for visualization researchers:

·       How to ensure data visualizations are trustworthy?

·       How to validate the quality of data visualizations?

·       How to engage people in data visualizations?

We will demonstrate how our recent research applying information theoretic methods to the challenges of urban data visualization addresses these questions and argue that successful data visualization increasingly needs rigorous underpinning science.


Nick researches the science and engineering of visualization and visual analytics, addressing the fundamental challenges of visualization in successful human-machine teaming. He has demonstrated how novel visualization methods work in practice in scalable cloud-based software tools and award-winning 3D visualizations. Nick has experience delivering global commercial impact for research outputs from both industrial and academic laboratories. He is Director of CUSP London and is  a fellow of The Alan Turing Institute, where he convenes the Visualization Interest Group.